so everyone is talking about viral wardle app uh yeah once a day you have squeeze and you try to solve the awards onward uh in six attempts and then you just share your results on twitter everyone's going crazy about it but there is a new kit on the blog which is called quartal so basically it's another app new quartal each day every day play as much as you want every quartal is a surprise so this is uh for yeah this is more like advanced stuff so basically you need to share four wordles at same time so let's try to play quartal i think it's the same rules as wordle but as you see you have four tabs so on the top left i guess four letters e is gonna correct position on top right i guess two letters bottom left i guess one and there you have it so and also i have one two three four nine attempts to do that okay so let's just try to play it out uh it's really yeah it's really advanced mode that gas all four quartal wars in nine tries each guess must be a valid five letter word hit the enter button to submit after each guess the color of the title will change to show how close your guess was to the word so you can see examples uh um you have nine guesses to get all four words correct good luck um so yeah that's the the exam the how to play is exactly like wordle if you have the green uh color it means this letter is present in the word and is in the correct spot the yellow color means the let this letter is present but in the wrong spot if there is no color it means uh letters are not present so you can just go to website quartal.com and then just play from there there is no ios app or like android app anyways uh let's continue to play here i don't know what happens if you guess one word okay and then probably will need to you will have some space for another words anyways so so now i have our e so here i think in the top left i guessed a lot i guess s h r e okay i don't know like re e no c she i don't know in the top right word uh i don't know yeah i'm not like a native speaker i don't have massive vocabulary but yeah you can see it's like really truly interesting in case you are playing like to play world this is the next level but after playing this for a while you will just you know playing wardle will be just like walking the park after this so uh okay okay i can't even guess one word here oh there is w there is o so in the top left word there is h s h e r o shore no roche roush sure no it's not and if the word is not available it just says in green so you can't use just random you know phrases [Music] so anyways this is the other overview uh try it out you can play it either on everywhere on android on ios on samsung this app is not in galaxy store or place or anywhere just go to quartal.com and train your skills hope this overview was helpful thank you for watching

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