here is interesting app which is climbing in charts which is called radio garden live so let's just install it so just type get and install it easily on iphone use touch id or voice id and stuff like that and here you can listen to our 25 000 live radio station across the globe tab any green dot to listen right here in that city connect to distant cultures and local communities and that's the whole idea of the app i think it's like a legal app so you can listen to open stations which you can listen anywhere like anyhow and the idea is of the app is that you can listen to thousands of this station around the globe and you can explore you know different music styles different cultures and all of that and you can have a smooth international legendary uh experience it also says that the radio will keep playing even if your phone goes to sleep so yeah it's an interesting experience and then uh to use your location and then you can [Music] start to listen to some radios and all of that and then you're just being redirected start listening to that radio so here you can see for example in europe how many stations are there and then you can just redirect you can move around and then it selects and place your radio that's kind of like a fun app then you have favorite stations here you can browse some of the stations you can search you can go to settings also you can upgrade here and then remove all visual advertising you can also submit your own radio station and in this way promote your station then you can just browse around create playlists so yeah this is just like a quick overview to have an idea what this app is all about you don't even need to have an account or anything like that you can restore your purchase but yeah hope that is helpful

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