RADIX crypto - can you buy on Coinbase?

here everyone some seems radix crypto is true let's just explore like uh what it uh what is it um and like can you buy it on coinbase so layer 1 d5 done right the 10x developer productivity 100x more defined security uh a place for defy can thrive taste so radix is the only decentralized network where developers will be able to build quickly without the constant strategy of exploits and hacks where every improvement will get rewarded and whereas scale will never be a bottleneck smart money apps [Music] secure the network earned tokens [Music] so yeah um so like where to buy it actually so okay can you let's just go like if i can buy it on coinbase radix xor d it's not not tradable at the moment but it's going up yes you can see so this token is going quite up but it's not tradable so there you have it um so let's just go to coin geeko there is erratics and there is erratics so you can buy it on bitfinex so there you go

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