Rainbow Crypto Wallet how to use? Full overview

hello here is rainbow rainbow ethereum wallet and yeah so let's just do a quick overview so this is your profile um this is your wallet um you can create a new wallet you can add existing wallets you can just enter your secret phrase private key ethereum address or nc name just pass it here and it should be enough um if you just tap edit you can edit wallet or delete wallet from here so that's handy you can choose an emoji or just choose from library you can also which is like really cool you can buy ethereum just with like this apple pie so that's pretty cool so yeah so that's cool there are also settings you can back up your wallet back up to icloud backup manually um then there is like um yeah here is your backup manual that's basically it will show your recovery phrase which you need to save and if you tap back up icloud you just need to set up some backup password then you can select currency seam dark or light super easy or just follow system um yeah and then there is like feedback and support so that's how you contact the support here in case you don't know something you just easily copy address you can receive so this is your qr code which you can share um so that's that and then to get started you can just buy some material with apple pie just tap that and just use apple pie so that's cool you can also send it here onto your wallet so a lot of people a lot of influencers like garyvee orion who were actually like this rainbow wallet because they find it like pretty amazing and yeah so then you can just find lists you can find watch lists you can find trending so different tokens um top movers search all of ethereum just this is daffy index and all of that then you can just find a code to scan here so that's the idea so yeah that's basically how it works that's the rainbow wallet hope it was helpful like and subscribe                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

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