hello everyone so i'm just going through the rams app or amsa app which is in the top charts in social networking and yeah for me this app is just like kind of bit buggy and slow like is it the same for you so for example i just want to go to the home tab and it just keeps loading when i try to create an account it also like it took forever to just go to another screen and i was just waiting and waiting when i entered my email then entered your password so as you can see this is how yeah it's just super slow and then for example i want to go to my tab and then again it's super slow here um so that's basically uh yeah what do you think why it's so buggy maybe because it's like in the top charts and that's why it's just you know a lot of people trying to sign up maybe that's why it's loading all the time um there aren't like big bugs in the app like you know um like something doesn't work it works but as far as i know but it's just like super slow so there you have it so what do you think like um yeah and then now it's just quit so what do you think basically how to solve it i just don't know

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