Rave app - buggy, doesn’t work - what to do?

here is popular app live watch party and if you go through the ratings overall they're pretty good and they're like 57 000 ratings and people either like or hate this app because it's really interesting concept you can watch netflix together with friends but there are still few glitches and bugs here and there so for example people don't see reactions there are no reactions or emojis uh so the mic volume is very loud and it carves up the movie sound uh some performance issues it works fine but then gradually got worse interface user friendly but doesn't matter how strong my internet connection is videos will take edges to load and sometimes not even load at all so so like some people are frightened because this app is sharing location but you can disable that in settings some people are afraid of the security issues because this this app you can only sign in with your google like facebook accounts uh and some other social media accounts but not uh not just with email so people think that that's the issue and it can be of course and then uh this app asks for you to to add google drive give access to your google drive i wouldn't do that uh because yeah obviously it's yeah uh it's it's a bit of a security risk so so that's that um amazing with some glitches to start off the app is amazing and works phenomenally almost all the time it's the only app that has actually all of my friends and i to watch videos together however there are some issues secondly another glitch causes certain arrives to not open and stay on the loading screen there is one glitch that causes your chats to not be able to send and effectively forces you out of the rave so some people are concerned this this app stores your information people recommend to not get this app definitely not recommend stability issues so there are a bunch of those what i would recommend obviously to constantly update the app because they're fixing box in every release uh then you can always reach out to the app support here uh so contact the rav team name email and message you can just do it here write dot io contact html so that's where you can do it so hope that is helpful if you have any solutions or like some you figured something out please leave it in the comments to the video you will help thousands of people

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