Rec Room app overview - how to install on iPhone?

so what is rec room app so this is kind of like alternative to minecraft where you can just hang out with friends you can play all these games and build your own surroundings so as you can see this is how it looks like similar to lego or minecraft or march of lego and minecraft you can become a start creator rally with friends so it's also similar to roblox or something like that so we can just try to install this app but just know that it is 2.2 gigabytes 2.5 gigabytes in size um rec room joined the club rec room is the best place to build the best place to build and play games together party office friends from all around the world to chat hang out explore millions of player created rooms so build something new and amazing to share with us all rec room is free and cross plays on everything from phones to vr headsets the social apps you play like your video game customize and dress up your cute rec room avatar to express your style discard challenge and find a straight upward games made by creators just like you come and join the club so you can see all the compatible devices iphone 6s 6x plus sc 77 plus rec room doesn't support iphone 5s 6 6 plus ipod touch from 2015 ipad air from 2013 i bet we need two three and four yeah because yeah it's quite a large game and um yeah probably it just requires more than processors and then you can see your real 260k ratings the 4.8 out of 5 average rating yeah so i will probably do another overview of this app when it is installed but definitely give it a try

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