Reddit app icon pixelated - why?

so hello everyone so here is the icon in top right and then you can see that suddenly it became pixelated so what happened i i didn't do anything to reddit app i didn't you know uh yeah just updated no i of course i think the app was updated but i'm just not sure what actually happened there um so yeah uh i was just reading this blog and just figuring out what can happen there [Music] so seems it's dedicated to the april fools joke uh so you can see it's the same orange log on a white background but now it looks like someone created it in microsoft paint and the users are asking what is going on is it some kind of bug what reddit app hacked or something like that and it just says that reddit app icon is pick selected for april fool's day it's reddit's way of promoting place subreddit uh is brought back for april fools this year so place art slash play subreddit debuted on april 1 2017 as a digital art project where the users could pieces of credit fill in pixelated square on a large virtual canvas and work together to create whatever they wanted and users can only fill out one square every five minutes while that sounds like it'd be a recipe for a disaster it's basically reddit users place uh 16 million color squares to create this logo [Music] so yeah and five years later reddit has relaunched [Music] this subreddit for april fools 2022 um [Music] so and then you can also use this subreddit and then uh yeah uh just participate in that uh and then yeah you can see that uh it will likely go back to normal once our place ends on april fifth uh so that's that so let's just go here and let's just search for so yes here is a subreddit you can go to that and then you can just pixelate all of that pixelate all these canvas places and yeah try that out that's that's how you think it works i'm not sure exactly where so here you can also participate in all these challenges and try to draw it together so yeah just feel free to explore that and let's see how it goes so anyways that's the idea uh hope that is helpful

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