hello so this is a viral bionic reading app which is called twitter 5 so i purchased it on the app store and i'm just i will show you out how how to use it what are the main features and of course how to enable bionic reading on this app so let's just search for it so here is the app this is how it looks like reader 5 by silvia rizzi i think he is a swiss developer and this app called few awards and it has really amazing design you can see the feeds you can on the red feeds you can see how the articles look like here so the idea for that is that you use this app as rss reader or uh like a um like app to read newsletters or to read blogs uh rss feeds are a bit like old school technology but sometimes it's just a nice way to to read blogs or like you know newsletters so keep control of your news reading with reader rss reader you can create feeds you can set up read later there is a bionic reading which is a higher dimension of reading with bionic reading you read text with more focus awareness and sustainability and then you can read more about it on bionic technology is developed by a swiss startup and it has also bionic reading converter and open api so anyone can try it out and yeah uh so that's a growing technology you can also add widgets of this app and then just like standard features of like rss reader app so here's the app you can create your account with icloud or you can add other accounts from other apps uh yeah so then when you so basically these are the apps from which you can add account like fitbin feedly feed like hq news blur in a reader fresh rss read later feeds and all of that that's where you can create all of these accounts and then you have settings in top left so basically here it is important to enable bionic reading so you need to in the bottom you need to enable this show in toolbar and then you can see preview and configuration so you can play with it a bit so you can see adjust how you want it and yeah so let's just go a bit more in detail what exactly bionic reading is for people who don't know like what this technology is really about you can access it on on the website and this is about this like did you know that your brand reads faster than your eye we human store learned words and so just a few letters are enough to recognize whole words so this is an example of bionic reading formatted text it's a new method facilitating the reading process by guiding the eyes through texas artificial fixation points as a result the reader is only focusing on the highlighted initial letters and lets the brain center complete the word in a digital world dominated by shallow forms reading bionic written amps to encourage a more in-depth reading and understanding of written content there is also bionic reading api uh there is bionic reading converter where you can upload some documents and you can apply dxt rtf epub microsoft word documents and and then uh yeah just convert them to bionic reading bionic reading extension is coming soon and there are finally these apps which which are supporting the bionic readiness so there's reader five which is the top app in this category there is fairy feeds app and there is liar so reader five app which i'm doing that overview here it's a paid app it's it's cost 4.99 us dollars one-time payment and that's it you don't need to to get a monthly subscription or anything like that so that's what you have it then there is fury feeds app which is free and then there is liar app which is also paid one so anyways here is the app uh let's let's just go go through it so here's the bionic reading settings in the app and then when you open the feed you can subscribe to to any website so in top part you can just type here and then go to like field or site url and then just subscribe there and basically here it is so i just go to my blog i want to read this article and this is how it looks like so it takes any article and transfers it to bionic reading by the way to enable that feature just tap in the bottom right br that's how you transform this block article to to bionic reading so i just tap there and there you have it now you can read it you can ask like why why would you actually use it like it's so for some people it's a bit disturbing and it's really confusing why you need to use that but uh yeah in in case you like reading a lot and you want to focus and you want to speed up your reading process that's what you can do and like you really try to read like some big chunks of text just for fun and you will see that you read much faster and yeah that's like really can speed up and speed up your focus and um yeah that's really amazing actually i don't know if it's just a feeling from small amounts of tax or you can get annoyed with it because still it's like some experimental approach and here you can see that actually it's not that perfect the technology because sometimes it's just highlights for example the word not sure it's just highlights and and like i don't know like okay i don't know how my brain works like either like can my brain really recognize work not just from an um or like you know like maybe my brain can recognize google from just go because that's what other word is there but i still don't understand and can't grasp all the aspects of this technology but it is what it is so there you have it and then this app apart from this cool feature it has a lot of really interesting features i think it's one of the best like rss reading app and so there you have it uh you can adjust team increase contrast uh use system font uh title size and yeah all of these details you can bookmark you can set it as red or unread uh yep then there are settings and then there are general settings then there are appearance settings landscape layouts app icons uh image previews so that's what you can do reading animations gestures and then there is support and all of that so here is feeds like my account and then in case you have some issues or like you can always delete your account from the app so yeah in a nutshell that's how the app works interesting app like imagine subscribing to some long-form blogs or like articles and readings through this app using bionic reading it can really change change your experience uh so try it out i'm don't know yet so much about bionic reader is it completely legit or is just some kind of like you know not realistic technology but very interesting to check it out bionic reading is not yet available on kindle app or kindle so there are only these three apps where it's available or you can just upload like epub uh you can upload like epub files to buy an increasing converter and then just convert large amounts of tags or books to this and try to read the book using this so interesting technology yep thank you for watching make sure to subscribe visit my tik tok visit my blog and see in the next videos

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