in this video i want to explain to you the whole concept of bionic reading and especially how to use it in the most popular reader 5 app so here is the app you can get it but it's not free it costs 4.99 but nevertheless it's still number one app in the news it's uh it's really a cool experience especially if you want to read newsletters some articles websites blogs and all of that here's how it looks like it has very warm design like uh well uh well like organized ui and everything works great but the main feature why this app suddenly went viral is because people are excited about this new bionic reading feature this is how it looks like basically this is the the technique the technology where the text is highlighted in a way that your brain can understand and process it faster so certain types of the word are emboldened and then like your brain because it knows these words are already it can process the text much much faster and yeah this is one of the features of this app is that it's one of the first apps which really adopts this bionic reading so anyhow let's just go through the app and i will try to show you how to use it and all of that so basically here is the app you need to purchase it it's one time payment of 499 us dollars then you need to add an account there are all these types of accounts you can add there is like relator accounts from icloud feeds account if you use any of these apps like pocket insta paper fitbin fiddly news blue you know like fresh rss reader viewer you can also just create an account and sign in with this account there in the bottom you can you can filter out all the articles and account start and read all then basically i have i have my feeds account so i created it then you need to subscribe to some website or site url feed so for example i can just subscribe to my website you can also subscribe to reddit you can subscribe to twitter you can read twitter threads if here's this app you can also import from a pml uh so i i that i don't know and then you can just subscribe here so this is my website and then here it is you can see all the items uh so then you can see all unread start and that's how you feel turned out this is my other website and then i can just open it i can see all list of blocks here and everything um so here it is and this is the the original content this is how like some uh content about youtube disclaimers this is how it looks like uh this is what you can read here and yeah so this is an overview but like how to enable this bionic reading feature so you just tap in the bottom right and then you will have this bionic reading feature now you see how the text looks like at the first site you can be like wow what's just happened like why do i need this it can be like a bit annoying but try to read this text more focused and you will see that if you're just like focusing on the reading it gets much faster with this feature enabled and like for example you say disclaimer and you see that the part of the word this cl is emboldened is a is in a bold text and your brain can't understand this word exactly from that because your brain already read this word like probably hundreds of times uh so that's the whole idea around it okay let's just go a bit more what exactly bionic reading is so you can go to settings here in top left and then here is bionic reading setting so let's just go through the website this is the original website of this startup i think it's a swiss company and basically this is a new method facilitating the reading process by guiding the eyes through text with artificial fixation points as a result the reader is only focusing on the highlighted initial letters and lets the brain center complete the word in a digital world dominated by shallow forms of reading bionic reading aims to encourage a more in-depth reading and understanding of written content so that's then overview by the way you can also also use bionic reading converter just in on the website and you can convert like txt uh microsoft word documents with ease and yeah i think it's even a bit down because everyone wants to check it out and here it is soon uh bionic reading extension will be there when you will be able to use that uh to use that in like google docs and all of that and currently you can uh you can use bionic reading with these apps like reader five fiery feeds liar so these are the apps where you can try it out so i'm showing you the reader file which is the the top app uh for for this technology then there is fairy feeds which is a free app you can try out and liar is also a paid app um so yeah this is a technology and uh you can in reader 5 you can enable all these settings here uh yeah and then uh you can change fixation you can change change decade uh and then you can change opacity uh you can disable it or enable it like this so this is really the most advanced way to use bionic reading until probably there is an extension but this is the top way to use it in the app on your mobile device so it's very convenient other than that the reader 5 app is super advanced you have all these general settings where you can open links you can sort and read items group by date ask before open next feed after so like all of these settings and then there is appearance so you can change your app icon here here you can also change the landscape layout change theme use system font size you can and then you have all the reading settings like you can use auto hide show bars increase contrast change the font use default font size uh so and then of course bionic reading settings animations gestures so this is a very cool feature what happens if you swipe right or swipe left pull from bottom pull next previous then there are services if you want you can sign in with twitter or with reddit then there are all your accounts and then you can add account here as well so you can add account with all these other services so that's what you can do you can always delete your account if you tap you can see your account then you can just delete it in case you're worried about your personal data so yeah but the main feature again is with this bionic reading so and you you can really get adjusted to it it can feel weird in the beginning as i said but then it kind of feels better and then this app is kind of feels very nice very well designed all these gesture features you can easily swipe to the bottom and like and then just see that so that's basically how it works and yep so that's uh that's basically how it works that's the app uh we can also go through the app store and check out some reviews what other people are saying about this app as you can see it is in the top searches so it has pretty high rating 4.2 out of 5. it you can see here feeds sync all your feeds and articles with icloud read later bionic reading widgets yeah so you can also actually add widgets reader view and it supports third party services so if we try to add a widget here so let's just try to do that so here it is then you can just add a widget of recent articles uh and then i can see like add widget from one of my recent articles on the website so and then you can just open it up and then you can you can read it here on on this on this website so that's the idea uh that's how it works um yeah i hope this is helpful uh that's the app definitely give it a try definitely check it out and thank you for watching

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