REFRAME APP - how to create account?

so here is frame app during last and thrive so this is one of the top apps this uh which can help you with mine is drinking habit with helping you to drink less basically and there are really good reviews it was i think featured on the app store live life-changing app one number one alcohol reduction app reframed the way you think and drink creating by the leading expert and psychology and neuroscience including people from harvard emory uh so yeah we're just going through the screenshots here it says it claims that 91 percent of framers reported a substantial reduction in alcohol use three months in eighty two percent of the farmers noted a substantial decrease in alcohol use two months in so this is the program just for you habit formation neuroscience community personalized goals um yeah so also there is a community some tools and there is one-on-one coaching and you can see 4500 plus ratings 4.8 out of 5 average rating so let's just open the app and let's see how to create an account to start and then maybe just a quick overview of the app um yeah i never used it before but just want to show you out this app because it's trending in searches actually and um here you have options to start building my custom plan you can just log in you can [Music] get started for free cancel anytime so here it is maybe it's not even available in the free option but might be let's just go through that for the setup process so now let's just go through the what's your age range why do you want to change your drinking habits and then you select treason what's important to you like and then you say get the practice sleep same money improve relationship or you can just sure you can just say i'm not sure yet and here you have like real alcohol reduction pass feels right for you you can just select that um how does a typical week looks like you like um how many drinks do you have like i usually don't drink a lot but in this demo let's say uh yeah 17 drinks like if in denmark it would be actually like you know like seven eight dollars per drink uh so that can be even something like that uh then you can just like okay drink beer uh you can just reply to all these questions and then you just can right here password you can just create your password and then just confirm uh you can save password and then there is new confirmation code sent to your email so let's see how that works so then i'll just try to open 884 so there you have it this is what it says it will save around like six thousand dollars um and then um you will say approximately six thousand six hundred a year and then it says for example this case study is here is amber 11 months alcohol free 10 months reframer and then you need to sign up it's a 7 day free trial 24.99 per month after that 200 refund if you don't see benefits after 60 days of use so you can just do that uh primary goal improve health and wellness secondary goal i'm not sure just to feel better but yeah unfortunately as i said in the beginning there is no free plan here uh you there is only seven day free trial um you will see results or 200 money back that's interesting uh or you can just start 24.99 also there is an option to enter the code here maybe you have the code um i think seven day free trial also works with the monthly plan and also here you can just contact the support you can ask question reporter bug um so yeah that's basically it there is no option to create a free account so at this moment i'm not gonna create an account but hopefully at least this process was helpful for you how to create an account how to get started in this app yeah it can be really helpful for some people so thank you for watching

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