Relationship Goals in Tinder - overview

so um Tinder launches relationship goals feature similar to another app called hinge and yeah so now if you're using Tinder you can just set it up uh here uh yeah so and this Edition is basically you have like these options looking for long-term partner long term but open to short-term short term but open to launcher time fun new friends are still figuring it out foreign comes with emoji and is displayed as a colorful Banner on the top of your profile about the About Me section the app will also have new weekly check-in prompts to remind users they they can change their relationship goal selection user opinion on dating has shifted uh it will become available to everyone on January 5th 2012 like in my case it's already available so what you can do is like if you go and edit your profile and then you just have here relationship goals and then here you can just set it up right now I'm looking for uh again long-term partner long term open to short and then you can easily change it new friends short term fun so so and then you can just tap done uh so yeah something like that uh and that's how you set it up it's a new feature Tinder recently just adding a lot of this new feature to become more similar to hinge where you have all of this additional like you know basic questions zodiac Styles lifestyle questions uh uh like uh yeah so this is where you can see it like you can answer questions about workouts social media sleeping habits and all of that so yeah this is the idea I hope this is helpful

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