Relevnt app - Find your vibe - how to create an account?

hey so let's try to create an an accounting relevant app find your wife join local chat communities known as wives live group chat with locals and new friends and create your own wife make it public or private relevant is a group messaging app with live interactive podcasts known as wipes how do wipes work try to join any wipe you find interesting then grab the live mic and watch your opinion freely about any topic related to the community while others join in a group chat so that's the app interesting there are like so many like you know live like video group chats audio group chats a lot of these apps are honestly just a bit scammy like there are so many bots and just basically trash there but yeah it seems this app wants to bring more value and more quality into this space so you can have here some live chats some webcasts like a podcast in your pocket relevant lets you set a chat up it can go live in your web okay wipe casting themed collections so yeah and seems this app also had some want some competitions for bus design so let's just sign create an account with apple you can also do that with facebook or google then you need to add your username just want to create the username then you can select a profile picture gif um so something like that and then it should work but it's not working at the moment who knows maybe the app is just overloaded or uh something is there some bug or something like that but yeah anyways this is basically how you start with this app and create an account so hope it is helpful

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