um in this video we'll go through interesting app which is called relevant which is kind of like a social media app for podcasters um which helps you to to find a community and interact with other people and just engage in live video chats so here is the app it's called relevant here's exactly how it's pro spelled um so join local chat communities known as wives live group chat with locals and new friends wipes help you to get to know people in your way create your own vibe it says it's a group messaging app is live interactive podcast known as vibes how does it work create and join any vibe you find interesting then grab the live mic and voice your opinion freely about any topic related to the community while others join in or group chat key features live chat you'll always be a part of the conversation when you join wipes to easily connect with other like-minded communities webcasts like a podcast in your pocket relevant lets you set a chat topic and go live in your wife okay webcasting sim collections relevant editorial team has put together user created vibes that focus on similar subject matters or topics just for you also check out the relevant original collection so yeah you know there are like so many this live audio chat apps out there group chats and all of that a lot of them are like pretty much scammed so like so many bots and irrelevant profiles but here my business app just wants to bring more quality and this is like social podcasting app this is not just like you know like random audio chat app this is more like app where there are this community group vibes so for example i can select some of the topic here is like a group chat and then there are like webcasts which are basically podcasts more like high quality conversations and then you can add your own opinion you can participate in this webcast as i understand there are like balls there are posts there is merch so if you like you know interested in this kind of team or or something on this topic you can all join this group chat you can create a podcast together and stuff like that so yes this is the idea um then you can invite members you can manage it you can leave vibe um you can also i guess create your own vibe which is basically a chat community is focused on podcasts so there are all these different topics private sports music entertainment hobbies cannabis food and drink news politics lifestyle health fitness science history outdoors nature fashion beauty school events and places so you can do all of that then the research you can just search all the different webcasts you can see which shows are live so you can use this app as basically as a podcasting app like here you can browse all categories there is uh there are upcoming events um like there are some meditational events all kinds of other other sports events movies and tvs like all kinds of topics are here then there is your profile different vibes different posts you can edit profile here's your username account settings you can add your like social accounts here if you want to reach out support you can just tap here to reach out to support and then you can just write them here at help travel so that's what you can do um yeah so you can change your profile picture as well here um so that's the app i haven't played a lot with it but sims is growing in popularity again it's not like a random audio chat app no it's not like a dating app it's more like you know focused meditation kind of like deeper app especially if you're a podcaster this can be a nice app to grow your community to grow your online presence start your own wife start your own group online chat and like you know start discussing different topics similar as you're doing on clubhouse but here it's also combining with uh with chats with polls with webcasts and something like that so if the host is streaming you can just tap on the mic button here in bottom right and join the conversation if there is no stream then there is no conversation and you can't join that other than that there you have it so interesting app let's see how how it develops is it growing further as there are some new features and more people joining and more people creating an account and accounts and all of that um so yeah in case you want to create your own show again you can just do it from the top right you can just tap um you can create a private or public vibe it's basically like a social media but yeah hope you enjoyed this quick preview interesting app give it a try

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