Remove Objects app by TapUniverse - overview

here's the app just called remove objects by tap Universe developer this is one of the top apps actually to remove some some objects from from your photos it really does remove without it erasing the background a very helpful in upgrading photos so you can easily remove anything from the first 100 satisfaction guaranteed this app will be very useful in using to remove objects people pimp like whatever and yeah there are many apps in this category I also did an overview of this app object removal retouch and fix there's also this one but seems this one has 74k ratings and the developer is tab universe so you can try it out as well so there you have it uh and and uh yeah and the number of reviews is pretty huge and like average rating is 4.8 out of five so it's pretty cool actually um so yeah uh you can just remove and then you just need to use your brush uh of course there is smart uh erasers feature where you can upgrade which is a powered object removal for super realistic results start just three days trials and 299 per week um and then you just need to open photos so for example if I have this photo and I want to remove this smiley on on on this uh gradient background so yeah what I need to do is I just need to use this kind of brush and be careful because you need just to use it um once I think if you take it out it will just uh yeah it won't work so anyhow there you have it like this image was just removed uh you can zoom in it's not perfect as you can see if you just move a bit to the left to the right you can see that it's not perfect actually so yeah that's what it is but yeah you can move like that just this difference and yeah and then there is also lasso there is also a line um yeah so all of that and then you can see erase mod pass quality medium fastest smart eraser if you want to upgrade you can try to use that three-day free trial than 299 per week it's like three dollars per week uh twelve dollars per month around that so yeah it's pretty it's it's not cheap but if you're using this kind of stuff a lot you can try it out uh of course then if you just try to save then your photo will be saved as well experience was pretty good so yeah there you have it and then if I just open my photos I can see that there you have it there is no watermark no nothing so the image was just saved easily and it's pretty cool so yes you can see free app I Now understand what it has like 70 000 ratings because that's basically what it is so yeah hope that is helpful

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