REMOVED from SCHOOL in GAS app? Why? What to do?

hey so some users report that that they can actually be removed uh from school on gas app and I'm just browsing through their support center and it says here like that guest wants to create a safe place for students to complement each other to protect our community we proactively remove users from schools python signals about their account for example if most of your contacts do not go to your selected School guests might remove you until more of your friends join the app if you are removed in error please please email us uh so that's uh yeah that's what it is at the moment you can always reach out to their support maybe you uh help at and maybe you can send some proof that you are really starting in this school uh so yeah if you just signed up in the school like because it's pretty easy to join the school in Gaza app like you know uh you don't need to provide some additional information or stuff like that but of course you don't want to message and answer some posts with some like strangers on the app so that's I think it's a good move from from the gas app but maybe they just do a mistake sometimes while the app grows uh hope that is helpful if you have any other insights into the app just let let me know

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