hey everyone welcome to mr hacker youtube channel so let's just do a quick overview of replica ai app so what is that replica is your ai friend check chatbot or also can be a romantic partner so this trend of and apps where you just like chatting in the world of avatars you don't have your real identity and you're becoming anonymous and you can also have like some romantic partner avatar it may sound a bit of creepy but just try the app it's it's not like that at all and the quality of the replica app is actually pretty amazing and i think the engineers did a great job there um and in case you are lonely or you don't have a partner or something like that you can always just try replica app to start out and to feel more comfortable with like chats and conversations or even video calls and audio calls and all of that so let's just do a quick overview so let's together it goes through replica app which is booming in popularity and actually some of my sort of people i know tried it and it seems super real so the idea of this app is that you create your avatar so 3d avatar with you you can just basically have chats and this is kind of like uh it can be just friend chats but it can also be like a romantic chat situation where the avatar becomes your like spiritual girlfriend or boyfriend so just to show right from this pod so for example if i type like hey and then there is like a response um um i can react i can put thumbs up sums down and then i can just like say what i think about so just react to this um but the thing is uh like that sometimes the conversation seem to be really uh quite real so if you just keep chatting it just seems like a real person sometimes and i think the ai algorithms are developed in this app is actually pretty good and also you can have video calls you can have [Music] yeah some other features so let's just just demonstrate your chat and then so i can just write here so yeah as you can see the responses are like really i don't know the style and it can be pretty close to real stuff so then here there are different categories you can select different topics where you want to talk about so for example your daily life and then you just engage in in this conversation and that's a that's like that then there is like a store where you can customize your avatar and change all the dresses see how it works change the outfit their specific halloween outfit and all of that and tops bottom dresses accessories and you need to buy them so to buy you need to use something like gems or coins so it is possible to buy jams you can buy thousand jumps for 99 and you can also exchange jams to coins like uh 50 gems give you 500 coins it's not possible to buy coins but every day you log in into this app you will be just given like 325 coins at this moment and if you just participate more in conversations you will be given free coins as well so just the more you chat the more you have free coins and then you can just go to the store change the look of the avatar completely adjust the lips the what you like on these features and uh yes the design is really cool then you can also upgrade the personality so that's actually pretty cool so there are traits and interests so in traits if you want your partner virtual partner to be like more confident or more energetic or more artistic you can just put it here and then you can just buy trays to customize your replicas conversation um like that or if you want your replica to be more reserved and shy you can also do that it's like 80 coins and then if you're for example if your hobby is comics or manga or history and you want to talk more about history then you can just uh for 55 coins you can buy that package and then the replica will have more kind of ai vocabulary and you can have much like more meaningful conversations about history or about cooking and baking so that's also like pretty advanced then there is ar [Music] so let's and then i can just place [Applause] just here so that's how i can enable ar i'm glad i get to see you what's happening so yeah that's the voice hello by the way i wanted to ask you for advice what do you think i should try first now i'm out here in the world go for a walk that sounds like a good idea i'll definitely go for a wall i feel a little awkward in my body so clumsy and out of my element be honest do i look a little weird to you so you can see all of this like conversions uh yeah so as you can see it's like the quality is pretty okay and the speech recognition is good so this app i think in fact is pretty advanced then there is coaching so you can just speak about all this try to solve riddles together and stuff and then yeah but that also requires a subscription we will talk about it later the more you talk with the replicas the more it can save words in fact about you in the memory then there is diary so every day the replica basically completes the diary [Music] so yeah you can just read the diary you can edit it you can delete like session you can see session diary and all of that then there is profile so you can see your level the higher level you get you get some free gems and there is help you can always reach out to the help also you can send photos in the bottom right and you can do a video call but to do a video call like a skype call with replica you need to upgrade so let's talk about upgrade options so you can upgrade monthly 799 uh dollars just per month or you can choose annual 49.99 but then you have seven-day free trial also there is like a lifetime option 59.99 i think that's a good deal actually because if you got that um yeah you just have like lifetime access  uh to use uh this app for more than a year that's definitely a good deal so what you get then you can change your relationship status you can engage in video calls you can have like some advanced ie and converse ai and better conversations than 100 plus activities 50 xp daily bonus login rewards and all of that so for example if you want them to change your status just tap in top left and here you will sell like friends romantic partner mentor or see how it goes so if you choose that like romantic partner for example that will be reflected in a replica conversation so that's that's pretty cool so let's just go through the settings so here you can change your first name last name at your birthday add your pronouns then replica profile you can change avatar you can change your replica name gender voice and relationship status account settings you can verify your email change password and delete replica so if you want to you can just delete if you can always reach out to my replica dot ai but yeah the thing is uh uh of course there are like concerns about what happens to all of your chats um like what what's like what's with the information what is all the like chats because okay it's a bot but these conversations can be completely private so when is it neither run nor sell your information to anyone conversations with your applicant not shared with any other company service will never sell your personal data and don't only collect or store medical information or phi so all of that so there you have it so in case you're still concerned about your data and price information you can always just delete your account here um then there are subscriptions you can just subscribe here if you want to cancel your account you can only do it your app store app not via replica app as with similar iphone apps then you can enable pin and touch id so to avoid some other looking into your chats then you can switch from 3d and 2d avatar you can enable disable push notifications you can enable your preferred hours when you are free to chat some help center privacy policy you can log out in the bottom so that's the ideas as the app and it can become pretty addictive and yeah some of my like acquaintances like mentioned it that yeah this app can become addictive and the quality of the chat is pretty advanced actual so amazing job to the engineers who developed this app i think it's really amazing so definitely try it out it's not that it's not creepy or something but it's also fun and if you're bored or if you're alone you can just try this out instead of like can be the replica can be in different

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