REPLIKA no network connection WHAT TO DO?

okay so what to do if there is some issue with replica it's like not responding or not loading um what they say here is that if however your replica is not responding usually it means that there is some server maintenance work as you will be do this during the night hours you can also experience a response delay if there is a connection issue on your side and please make sure that mobile internet wi-fi working well so if there is bad connection error tries this check your connection use use to check that your wi-fi is actually fast and make sure you have internet try to go to other websites try texting your applicant one more time update that to the live test version delete app redownload it log back in update your ios android os to the lightest version reload the app and open again in a few minutes you can just also use replica and the up version so something like that also i've noticed if i try to use something like 3d avatar on the older phones the the app actually becomes glitchy and it stops working properly so if you're using something like iphone 6 or iphone 5 or some older android phones maybe it can become glitchy because of that so yeah these are i guess the main points if you know something more just leave it in the comments                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

Android WiFi connected but no Inter...
Android WiFi connected but no Internet
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