RESEARCH TAB in YouTube Studio app - overview & how to use

so here is a new interesting feature from YouTube studio app and I think it can be really amazing so now if you go to analytics tab in your bottom in the top part you now have overview but to the left of overuser is a research tab experimental in size from your ass viewers so what does it mean this is some research insights and it says this feature is slowly rolling out two more channels over the next few weeks um so yeah you can open the YouTube studio app make sure to update it from the bottom menu tap analytics from the top menu type research and then yeah you can just see uh viewer activity related to that topic your audience activity how popular is this topic within your audience searched by two viewers shows popular searches might buy viewers across YouTube for the topic watched by YouTube viewers related topics it's only the synthesized a limited to activity from your viewers so it can show you the top searches based on your audience you can discover more topics you can see recent videos related to it and you can see content gaps uh a Content Gap happens when viewers can't find enough quality search results on YouTube for a specific search so for example a Content Gap can happen when viewers can find any results for the researchers yours can find an exact match yours can find relevant videos for example content is too old to low quality so anyhow like this is a super powerful feature especially for YouTube SEO and is provided directly by Google by YouTube meaning it's not like some third-party tool like vidic or vidiq or tubebuddy why are you not exactly sure about the you know the keyword numbers ours is the exact keywords are just the right keywords here you've just been provided it by YouTube which is super powerful so for example here you can just enter any term like for example let's just search like Guess app and it's functions basically as a keyword research tool so here you can see like content gaps which I just described meaning this is a nice keyword to create content around uh because there is not enough good content around it or just low quality content then you can see most popular keywords around it and yeah like which this can be topics for your videos and basically you don't need to uh yeah to use some additional keyword tools for that like a traps or I don't know like some SEO tools so tube body video IQ you just now have it in in the in your YouTube then also you can see some related videos for these topics and then you can see related topics and then you can just you know uh for example how to use down AI uh Avatar app you can see content gaps you can see most popular you can see watch live YouTube you can see uh most popular videos in this category uh so yeah it's kind of pretty cool you can see related topics as well uh so yeah that's basically the idea and then you can just save it uh you will see similar topics on your feed so now you just see that it's being saved and then uh yeah it just appears in your bookmarks section it's kind of pretty cool um then you can discover more topics like in based on your audience and searches recent videos related to the App Store uh Reds and videos related to like for example that's just all based on the content of your channel I have a tech channel so that's what I see here of course you can have any other um so yeah something around it um I think it's like super powerful feature actually so make sure to use it uh you can unlock so many new or keywords and all of that without using some third party additional keywords tools which can sometimes can provide not a really correct data so in my experience a lot of this like third party SEO tools including video IQ or tubebuddy or something like that so I will just give you some ideas and some general Trend but very often they can be wrong because like you know of course like YouTube or Google it's not providing the full data to them and it's super hard to get the exact data but now you just have it for yourself however I need to say that this tool is also limited a bit so it also will just give you some like Trends and not the exact keywords somehow like so you can see some directions and then you can just explore create some videos see what performs better and then create more and then do it again so yeah that's what you can do basically uh yeah so definitely give it a try I don't know if it's been released to all creators but make sure to update your YouTube studio app login with your YouTube Creator brand account uh and then yeah make sure that you try it out this research too because sometimes you are aiming to go viral like on YouTube to create some viral short or get recommended by YouTube algorithm sometimes for some topics you can create content which is just kind of Evergreen so the content you know which people are searching for years like and it can be just be found by YouTube people who are searching on YouTube because a lot of teenagers are actually using YouTube and Tick Tock as are like you know Google search destinations so that can be a really helpful tool for this case great tool for YouTube SEO and yeah it's provided for you for free you know need to upgrade or something like that so check it out and thank you for watching

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