Reveal app - photo dump ur friends - how to create an account & get started?

here's the interesting app probably competing with be real which is called reveal photo dump your friends and I was just curious uh yeah what what is this about so it says on reveal you photo dump your friends daily we speak from your day but pics can't be seen until a random push notification is sent out then you have two minutes to see what your friends postage comment and like their pics uh you can post photos all the time however many you like but they won't reveal until the push notification is sent once a day all your friends get together to look at all the fun stuff you did throughout the day so it's kind of like reverse be real not reverse but it's kind of using the same idea there is a daily notification you have two minutes but not to create a photo but to pause to see the photo so here let's just try to create account so here you have it and then you can just skip it and then this is how the app looks like and then let's see uh uh what happens reveals is fast posts and then yeah you need to get free pixels or yeah so you need to get pixels or buy pixels or otherwise you can and find your friends so you can just give access to so something like that anyhow this is how it works this is how you create an account

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