um so here is the website which helps you to revoke ethereum allowances um basically you can just connect your metamask wallet here just as you do with any other tab and then you will see all the you know the transactions i don't know and then you can just tap rework [Music] then you can also do it here [Music] so there you had you can also choose nfts it's in the light of the recent events with openc um and that's basically how you can just do it here um yeah uh include unregistered tokens what that means um you're in tokenly standard [Music] so maybe also include tokens [Music] that's yeah not that official or something includes zero balances so here you can just do that uh unlimited your c20 allowance is considered harmful um so you can see uh here the latest big scene is eternal 5 central applications so yeah you can see here the details so yeah that's basically that that's basically how it works yeah as you can see you connect wallet or just basically how you can revoke these allowances and also with tokens nfts i don't have i just tried to use this service um but yeah this is how it works basically so it's hopefully it's not that complicated

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