REVOLUT SHOPPER EXTENSION - overview & how to use

hello so let's go through how to install this revolut shopper chrome extension so you need to go to revolut app go to the revolut hub in the bottom right and tap on the shopper and then you will get this email and that's basically just a link to revolut chopper chrome extension [Music] so there you have it of course you can just search it in google or just search and on the store and then you can just tap add to chrome and then just tap add extension and the idea of that is that you can just of course attach your revolute cards to this you can get a cashback and just basically if you use revolut a lot yeah it's just a nicer way to tie your revolut to your online payments and then you will see that revolut chopper is added and then there are also specific deals so there are specific deals and 42 up to 42 percent cash back like apple night and it of course it differs but um single use cards some protection and all of that and then of of course you have your revolut and you need to log into your revolut so i'll just do that right now so then i needed to verify and go to my account verify it's via mobile app and then i can see my cars then i can just edit [Music] it select the and something like that so then i just added new virtual card and there you have it um so now i have my profile here my and all of that so for example if i'm here on the app store and then i just want to [Music] buy it so anyways i on amazon if you want then for example to add a new cart or something then you will see like revolut here and then you can just add this card or just click here and add the card and you can just just have it available here so yeah you just need to browse around and there should be more possibilities how to use it if you have some experience if with using revolut chopper extension just leave it in the comments below super interesting to see how it works

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