Revolut under 18 app - what is it?

Revolut Under 18 App - What Is It?

Revolut, a London-based financial technology company, has had a considerable impact on the banking sector in the last few years. But now, Revolut is targeting young users with its new app, Revolut Under 18.

What is Revolut Under 18?

Revolut Under 18 is a teenage-focused app designed to create a financial learning experience for young people and ease the transition into financial independence. The program allows teenagers to participate in saving, paying, and spending activities, with parental control. Essentially, Revolut has provided a space where teenagers can learn financial education in an interactive and practical way, without any real financial repercussions.

What Can You Do with the App?

The app has several great features for teenagers, including:

  1. Personalized Spending Card: Teenagers can personalize their spending card to their liking, which is the perfect way to unleash creativity.
  2. Saving Goals: The app provides instant alerts to allow teenagers to track their savings goals.
  3. Pay and Be Paid: Teenagers can pay and get paid by their friends using the Revolut Under 18 App.
  4. Teenage-Friendly: The app is tailored to teenage users, making it easy for them to use.

How Can You Get Started?

Revolut Under 18 is available to young users between the ages of 7 and 17. To start, parents or guardians must approve their children's accounts. Eligible users can sign up for the app for free and enjoy the benefits offered by Revolut. Parents or guardians, who already have accounts with Revolut, can approve their children's accounts, order their personalized spending cards, and monitor their children's spending.

To sign up for the app, eligible users will have to provide Revolut with some basic personal information, such as their date of birth. All applicants under the age of 18 must scan a QR code displayed on their parents' form from their Revolut app to obtain the code. Parents are then required to open their children's profiles as an account in the Revolut app, tap the settings icon in the top right corner of the screen to open their account settings and view the Revolut Under 18 app icon to access the code.

Overall, the Revolut Under 18 app is an educational training app, providing young users with an opportunity to get familiarized with the world of finance and the management of their money from a young age. It is an excellent way to get kids started so they don't feel overwhelmed when they are over 18 and have no experience managing their money.

So, get your kids started today on the Revolut Under 18 app!

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