Revolut under 18 in Revolut app - how to use? Overview

Revolut under 18 in Revolut app - how to use? Overview

Revolut has introduced an interesting new feature called "Revolut under 18." Though it's unclear how new this feature is, it caught my attention as a separate app with a distinct yellow logo. The purpose of Revolut under 18 is to allow parents to set up an account for their children who are under 18 years old, enabling them to learn about managing finances and making simple transfers using cards.

Firstly, the Revolut under 18 app is separate from the regular Revolut app. To get started, parents can download the Revolut app and search for the "under 18" button in the hub. Once found, they can create an account for their child, providing basic information such as the child's first name, last name, and email address. After confirming the account, a QR code is generated which the child will need to scan using their own Revolut under 18 app to log in.

In the Revolut under 18 app, parents can view and manage their child's personal details. Additionally, they have the option to order an under 18 card and set up card controls to limit its usage. Some of the spending controls include global spending limits, ATM withdrawal limits, and other restrictions that can be quite useful for managing a child's expenses, especially while they are at school.

Moreover, parents can add a co-parent to manage the account. However, this feature requires upgrading to a premium Revolut account. The Revolut under 18 feature is designed for kids and teens aged 6 to 17, allowing them to send instant payments to other Revolut under 18 users. This can be done by accessing the instant payment section, entering the desired amount, and hitting the send button.

For those looking to set up a weekly allowance for their child, Revolut under 18 provides an option to determine the amount and the day of the week on which the allowance will be automatically topped up. If users encounter any issues or have questions, they can always reach out to Revolut support.

If for any reason parents are not satisfied with the Revolut under 18 feature, they have the option to close the account by tapping on the "close account" button located at the bottom of the app.

In conclusion, Revolut under 18 is an interesting and convenient feature that allows parents to educate their children about financial management. With a separate app, children can have a limited yet convenient experience with Revolut, making small expenses and learning the basics of using cards and making transfers. The ability to set spending limits and manage allowances adds another layer of control and responsibility to their financial experience. If you're interested in exploring this feature, simply search for the yellow Revolut under 18 app.

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