Revue - how to send newsletters? Complete overview

hey so here is review it's a subscription based newsletter which is now owned by twitter let's explore together how to create an account here on review newsletter um so yep just tap start newsletter for free and then you can just sign up his twitter or sign up his email instead the idea of review is that it's quite similar to sub stack so it's like supple newsletter you publish content but also i think people can pay for your content so let's check out how it works and then you can just create a subject schedule and all of that um and then you can add text here something like that h1 section links media um there are also like settings pre-header save sections um then i can just preview so yeah something like this um and then yeah i can just let's see what happens if i schedule issue and then i just need to send subscribers and then i i can manually add subscriber import from mailchimp info via csv or manual add a subscriber so just i will just add this kind of address um add subscriber and then then you can just share your issue with the world let's see what happens so yeah that's how it works um and then you have this issue and then it's just send so then you have subscribers and there you have it so seems it's not like a sub stack where you can just add like paid option or something it's just just a basically newsletter tool but there you have it that's basically quick preview how it works of course you can have a support here that's the support and that's that that's the tool so try out yeah go and go for it try to create your newsletter grow your audience and leave some comments below what do you think about this tool                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

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