Ria Money Transfer app - FULL OVERVIEW & HOW TO USE

Ria Money Transfer App - Full Overview and How to Use

If you're looking to send cash to someone in another country, you need a trusted app that makes the process simple, fast, and affordable. That's where Ria Money Transfer comes in. This top-rated app boasts a massive network of physical locations in 165+ countries worldwide, with over 500,000 locations. In this article, we will provide a full overview of this app and how to use it.

Why Choose Ria Money Transfer?

While there are many digital apps you can use to send money, including PaySend and TransferWise, few can match Ria's convenience if you need a cash pickup service. This app is ideal for when you want to send money to countries that don't have the more popular options like MoneyGram or Western Union. For example, Ria is an excellent choice if you need to send money to Moldova or Ecuador.

Getting Started with Ria Money Transfer

Creating an account on the Ria Money Transfer app is a straightforward process: enter your phone number, select your country, and receive a confirmation code to verify your account. Then, you can start to send money! Choose the country you want to send money to, select the amount, rate, payment method, and delivery method (cash pickup or bank transfer). If you have a promo code, add it at this stage.

Sending Money to a Recipient

Once you've chosen the recipient's country, you can select the region, city, and even the bank where you'll be sending the money, followed by entering the bank account number if sending money directly to a bank. If you're doing a cash pickup, select the recipient's name, and you're good to go!

Verifying Your Ria Money Transfer Account

To use Ria Money Transfer, you'll need to verify your identity. You can do this by providing your ID, which you can upload as a passport, residence permit, or driver's license. Be sure to follow the app's guidelines to avoid having your identification rejected.

Adding Payment Methods

If you're sending money, it's necessary to add a new payment method via the app. You can choose to use either debit or credit card. However, if you wish to send cash, you'll need to go to one of Ria's many physical locations to complete the transaction.

Tracking Your Ria Transfer

Ria's user-friendly app enables efficient tracking of your transfer process. You can track your payment until it is delivered to the recipient, and you'll get an order number to keep track of your payment.

Deleting Your Ria Money Transfer Account

If you're not happy with Ria, closing your Ria Money Transfer account is an easy process. Click on the support team's icon in the app, go to "Contact Information," and scroll down until you see the delete account button.


Overall, Ria Money Transfer is a secure, straightforward, and affordable app to use for sending cash internationally. With a vast network of locations globally, it's easy to find a pickup center for the recipient. The app's compatibility with multiple languages and the ability to track your payment is another advantage. So, if you're looking to send cash, be sure to give Ria Money Transfer a try!

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