Right Stuff dating app - NO INVITE YET.. 🤔

when I open the right stuff dating app and I tap checkpoint while it says not in white yet um so yeah this is like the dating app for conservatives it went viral for a few days and then uh yeah but unfortunately it requires invitation and then it's just a bit weird because you need to be invited by someone by your friends on the app but like how you're supposed to be invited if you still don't have any friends there or like so a lot of people right now on the forums on the Reddit are just like asking who is on the app and [Music] yeah just nobody knows what exactly is going on hopefully that will create some like better invitation system more clear either you need to have some invitation referral code or something around it where it's just easier so yeah I don't know when it will be released or anything but it's just as not in white yet I don't know what should happen so there is an invite because there is no username and there is no like some specific my profile code where some people can invite direct my profile so have no idea honestly how that should work if you have any suggestions just leave it in the comments

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