Right Stuff dating app - STILL INVITE REQUIRED after a month

here's the right stuff dating app and after a while a while I'm just I just want to check if yeah if there is an invite so you can just do that and still says still not invite yet so I I download this app like few weeks ago so yeah if you have the same situation maybe you can also just leave some comments below just curious to know like when are this and why is coming uh is this like this year or next year or how does it work or is there like some specific timeline about it or something like that because seems yeah that yeah it's very wag I I don't know like when it might come or not or how it might work so yeah that's basically that you can see your account so you can create your account and then um yeah just enter in some information and then you just need basically to wait uh yeah for for that so yeah hope that can be helpful and thank you for understanding

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