Rings dating app - how to create an account?

here is interesting app called drinks um yeah it's a perfect dating app for anyone looking to meet new people but too shy to join other active real life dating market irish art of usual fast-paced looks first type of dating that always leaves you disappointed are you worried about your looks pay perfect diet and atmosphere share with ease meet with like-minded strangers uh use helpful icebreakers real face verification so interesting app for sure uh it's for a while it's entered like some of the top charts in social media categories so yeah let's just explore how to create an account here so okay here is the app you just need to select your gender to name then you just need to select your age you just can select where to leave um so then you can just enter some information here so yeah you can just skip for now then you can just add some photos um then you can just add some photos from here so this is i'm just showing you in this demo how the process looks like and there you have it now you have completed a profile in the ring dating app so let's see i don't think it has that many uh users around the world it's more like uh us-based app so if you're in europe or something don't really use it and even in your ass it's not that uh it doesn't have that many users so there you have it that's that's your profile hope it was helpful now you can understand how to create your profile

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