Rings - dating app - how to use? Full overview

so here is rings dating app um yeah this interesting app uh which recently entered some of the charts in uh social media and yeah let's just open it up uh you just need to create your account um yeah uh just fill out some questions it's not that fast to create an account but here we go and then yeah you just presented these profiles and it's kind of a bit similar to tinder a bit different design so here's how it looks like you can like or swipe left or swipe right kind of you can see all the tags here you can set up all the filters so something like that you can set up the distance so that's then you can go to profiles and then you you can have these questionnaires and then you still need to complete your profile so this app is very oriented that you need to complete so much information on your profile and yeah and then you will have more dates and more opportunities so here you can also upgrade and subscribe to the paid version one month 19.99 per month three months 39.99 six months 59.99 then you can see likes who people uh liked you but then it's again says to complete my profile so by completing your profile it means you need to answer more questions can just show just an example what types of persons are these okay i don't know just so something like that and again it asks me to complete profile it probably it needs like five or six photos or something like that and then you can just view your profile overview uh yep then you can see your like second you can see your messages um then there are settings in case you are not happy you can easily delete your account that's cool uh block list you can always send feedback or ask support so that's that but let's just go to a lot of like quite negative reviews there are some good ones a lot of one-star reviews i don't know is there a charge for you and the person you like why why is mandatory to pay before you see people uh do not use i want one because it's this abstract it's on my profile so some people say don't waste your money okay it's understandable quite a new app dating app it doesn't have that many profiles you know and uh yeah it's not like a big amount of people you can meet here there are bugs here and there uh it's quite expensive as well so but anyways you can always give a chance to new dating app is if tinder or bumble of some major dating apps don't work for you so yeah give it a try

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