Rinkeby Faucet - how to get free Ether to Rinkeby Testnet?

in this video we will try to get some free task ethereum to ring by test network so you need to go to this website fawcettfacet.org iowa and this after fast set is running under income by network um so yeah that's about it so to request funds via twitter make it with visio ethereum address pass it into the content surrounding text doesn't matter copy pass it with url to the box and fire away so let's try out um so i'll just go to twitter and i'll just click on that so i need to be logged into my twitter account and then i just need to tweet and then it's just loading here um so that's that um that's how it works but then i also need to get my renki by test network address so then i just need to go to metamask here it is and then copy my address um so then i just need to copy the address so then i just do that copy to clipboard and then i go back to this twitter and then just write this so now i sent my twitter your tweet was sent so now i just can then oops no and just click share copy link to tweet and then let's just try go back to the to the website and then just enter with url here give me eater and then yeah let's try to get some eater here so let's try to get this one bye

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