Rise: energy & sleep tracker - app overview

here is interesting app which is called rice energy and sleep tracker so interesting app it was featured among like popular apps in the us app store uh it was featured also in new york times today many other media magazines teams in nfl mlb nba mls and many fortune 500 companies trust rise to help members achieve better sleep so that's that so let's just open it up and see what this app is about so you can see all the descriptions here and then uh you you can uh create your account here um so let's just use some like test email to show you out how it might work here we have different motivation points what brings you to rice choose the one that matters most to you so here you need to give access uh to your fitness data and then you need to connect to um [Music] to your exercises here uh you can connect the you can enable notifications or not so yeah that's the app and then it's just analyzing is analyzing your data and all of that so that's that's basically so here it is uh my sleep need so then you can see that most people you can see that that okay can resist your sleep need how much sleep you usually get versus when you sleep longer than usual something we call a sleeper this is because your body tries to make up it needs when you sleep longer than usual it's just so maybe it's already so it's just very kind of estimated numbers because i don't think that that like you know the data from iphone is completely uh in the right way so here you can see your sleep dad since yesterday uh you can predict your energy potential so it's like pretty cool app and pretty cool metrics uh i actually like this app and then you it says for example default energy deep today from uh maybe i don't know and then you you can see all the uh so then then it wants to um to get an upgrades you have free trial seven days free then 4.99 per month and that's basically that uh so yep that's then you just need to upgrade okay and that's basically the process i don't think then after this you can proceed to the app because that's probably you can only use it for real only with the paid version so that's what it is right now so yeah rice sleep so again let's just open it up again to see what it looks like yeah okay so you really need then to upgrade and then start using that so that's pretty cool uh hope uh this was helpful i think it's it's yeah if this app delivers all this data it's actually you can definitely give it a try so thank you for watching

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