Roboco Chat Bot app - quick overview

so here is your Boko app and let's just uh try to create an account so you can just sign in with Apple and uh turn the notifications so there is like a free trial here and then um then yeah you can see if it works and this app is kind of you know there are a lot of apps right now which are trying to mimic this open AI gpt3 uh chatbot but this is not the official open AI chatbot so just be careful when you're using this kind of apps and don't rely too much because maybe some of those Quantum Computing uses the principles of quantum mechanics to perform computation and solve problems that cannot be done using traditional Computing approaches it is a form of computing which harnesses the properties of subatomic particles such as electrons and protons to perform calculus so yeah here you just have this response and then you can just ask questions and then if you want you can upgrade you can unlock your Backup Pro uh 5.99 per week uh so yeah that's basically the idea and then you also have settings and if you want you can delete your account and uh yeah so here you can add general questions you can add some ask for recipes ask for general knowledge um and you have a bunch of other things so this app I think will be still developed a lot and there will be a lot new features added

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