Rock Identifier app Stone ID app overview & how to use

hey everyone so here is this app which is called Rock identifier stun ID there are a bunch of apps in this category so you can identify insects of birds mushrooms plants coins whatever you want and yeah it's like super exciting and uh yeah it's kind of also addictive as well so you can it's an all-in-one Stone Crystal mineral and gemstone identifier simply take or apply the photo of Rocco Crystal and the app will tell you all about it in seconds uh so yeah that's basically the idea of the app uh this rock scanner app can recognize over 6000 types of rocks and minerals and helps anyone who wants to identify examine and explore the characteristic of stones so then I can just tap open and then I'll be able to open this app and then you can just continue seven days for free then 29.99 per year so there is this option and yeah you can just tap to claim it uh so it's really like that's basically the app so you have somehow feed here where you have all of these different um foreign types and some information and all of that so you can just see some info around it so then you can just some images and stuff like that um so yeah let's just try out to to identify some rock so I'm just bringing up some actually some rock here which I just collected and I just pretty curious uh how it might look like so Focus your image on the most colorful and pattern side of the stone so Terry and then yeah here it just says Limestone yellow white gray and then you can see some other textures then you can see some more examples and you can see some collection then you can see uh some other information yeah so that's basically the idea is pretty cool right um so yeah then you can just tap add to my collection for example um but yeah for that you will need so that's basically the idea yeah so now you just have two photos generated around this Stone so now let's just try to identify other so here is another Stone here so then it says puzzled halawa stone or lava rock okay I didn't know that okay so here you actually you're getting like um two three more results so also so yeah it's pretty cool so I think that's that's the one uh so now I just got to Stones here so yeah that's basically the idea that's what you can have here and then there are just like different videos different information different guides then you can just see metal detector uh the tool is in part by the magnetic center that is built into our phones this detector Works magnetic rocks or minerals such as magnetite Purity and matter it and then you can just identify that and then you can just set the risk evaluation guide Rose stone stumble stones and diamond rings so you can like Identify some of the some results okay so let's just identify the evaluation of limestone yeah wow so I can sell it for like 37 dollars it's just for reference only we recommend using our our AI valuation tool for raw stones and Tumble Stones yes I'm satisfied with this result I just collected you can collect like half of the beach of this Stone so this sounds pretty cool that yeah I don't think that's exactly correct but maybe maybe yeah someone can actually buy it for like that and then yeah that's then you just have your page and yeah so it's pretty cool that's the app I think it can be pretty addictive if you like geology or you like traveling uh or yeah something in that in that area so definitely give a try to this app um um yeah it can be just interesting to explore and also yeah you can just add teach your kids around it it can be a fun game to play or if you're traveling if you're on some beach and stuff like that and just found some interesting stuff you have no idea what that is and then you can just educate yourself and instantly use this app I'm pretty sure it's powered by some AI technology and it just will become better and better there is another app which I was also using a lot which is called like coin snap where yeah you can just basically identify all the different coins so yeah you can also try out that one but there are more and more apps in this category where you can easily identify all these things with uh yeah with um just with your phone which is pretty cool and in these apps are also different themes and there are also similar apps from from this developer where you can also in this collection bar you can identify Parts insects and all of that so just look for more apps from this developer and it it can also be pretty cool yeah so that's basically the idea um thank you for checking out this video uh make sure to to like it so more people can Discover it you can also check out my web blog and uh yeah you can also check out my Tick Tock I just post interesting videos about cool and exciting apps and that's basically it hope this is helpful for you and uh hope to see in the next videos

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