RolUp chat app - how to create an account?

roll up so here's interesting app it's climbing in charts in social networking so I just wanted to explore it and see what exactly this app is is about um so yeah it only has 112 ratings guess the best online chatting everything goes to find a Magic based on who you really are and what you love no matter who you are what you're looking for you're welcome let's roll up great dates come from great connections that's why our lab shows us we are beyond the photo meet new people and file our base and What Makes You value because you deserve it uh pull up isn't just online chatting app there is one month subscription it's not cheap app it's 29.99 six months subscription 39.99 one year subscription 49.99 so let's just open it up to see how it works and then it's only possible to create an account with your phone it's not possible to use Apple ID or Google ID or anything like it and it is possible to use okay only these four countries United States UK Canada Australia it's not possible to use international phone numbers so there you have it just in case you were wondering how to create an account

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