Roobinet app - what is it?

hey there here is interesting app called rubinap Fast and secure messenger it's clamping in the top charts in in the US App Store and it's a free messaging app available for iPhone no fees group chat um so you're always logged in so it's kind of like a copycat of telegram the interface looks exactly like telegram but I don't know why would you use like this app instead of telegram honestly but yeah for some reason it's just clamp it in the top uh chart the reviews aren't that great to be honest uh and I don't know uh yeah like if it's completely irrelevant so like you can read some reviews and I think some reviews are actually a bit of fake so you know they're I post a lot of these five star reviews for some apps and times to to climb it in the top charts uh so yeah but yeah if you know uh uh if you want to use this app just try it out I'll just create an account for you to explore it so I still didn't didn't get the code yet so I'm trying just to create an account to show you guys like how it might look like uh but yeah since it doesn't even send me an SMS here so yeah my beat just works in your case if you're using this app can you just explain it the comments maybe what's your use case why are you using this inside of telegram is it real that this app is climbing really in top 200 apps in the IOS app store why is it happening like yeah just your experience with this app would be quite helpful

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