RoomSync app preview

is this the best app to find roommates so let's explore room sync it's in the top charts of the app store so let's just install it i actually never used it but let's just explore why it's training so this app features some roommate matching profiles that are uniquely you you can find some perfect roommate get to know each other uh or live your best life is your might who is right for you you can find and request your own roommate use a variety of tools to find the perfect match including join search and match from your device that get a percentage compatibility score for each possible roommate say hello on instagram snapchat twitter and more send direct chat messages choose your own roommate so this app has been around for a while uh some people right it's not that useful but yeah if you just you know move somewhere in a new apartment and stuff like that probably it's it's in the top charts right now because i don't know is there a new like studying season start or something like that and then okay i will just create an account invitation link is required you can only register for an account if you have a special invitation link depending on your communities this could be sent by them or directly by asset room sync okay so i don't know what the issue is there okay so you need to special invitation link you can watch reach out support at so not sure if i can guide you through the app today i'll try to get that maybe someone invites me so if if you guys anyone has invite link please write hello at mr hack.i go to my blog out i will feature you and create a video about it uh but there you have it um hope at least that was helpful if you have access to this app definitely give it a try maybe it's a great tool to find roommates

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