Retro, shortened as RTRO, is a new social media app that has caught the attention of the tech community. It was founded by females and is aimed at creating a positive engagement experience for its users. Unlike many of the social media platforms, RTRO is focused on sharing real content and fostering relationships in a user's community. The app is divided into two experiences, one designed for engaging in friendship circles and the other for consuming and creating content in TV channels.

Let's take a comprehensive look into how the app works. The first feature of the app is the friendship circles, which act like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger groups. The user can create a circle and give the circle name and invite friends. Notification alerts for new circle messages can be set and people can be added or blocked within the chat group. This feature of the app is perfect for school friends, sports team members, travel buddies, or work colleagues. The user can edit, leave, or see details of the circle they are in at any time.

The second feature of RTRO is the TV channels. It includes unique channels created by creators, brands, and influencers for their followers. Unlike friendship circles, only content from creators and brands gets posted on the TV channel. The user can copy the message, react with emojis, leave a channel, and receive notifications. The TV channel experience is designed to help users access channels based on their interests in different areas like music, family, sports, fun, travel, wives, and kids.

The AI chatbot feature in RTRO operates like Snapchat and users have access to a chatbot that interacts with and entertains them.

The app interface is sleek and inviting. The user can customize their profile and delete their account if need be. RTRO is a niche app that has gained popularity with the young generation, Gen Z. With only 80 members in the beta release, the app is still in its initial stages, but it has generated some buzz in several tech magazines like TechCrunch.

In conclusion, RTRO is an app that is making waves with its unique experience and alternative approach to social media platforms. It provides a positive space for creators, brands, and consumers to engage in real content and build relationships with their fan base. If you're looking for an alternative social media platform, give RTRO a try and have a unique experience!

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