RTRO app - what is it? How to create an account?

RTRO app - what is it? How to create an account?

Have you heard of the new social media app called RTRO? If not, then this article will help you get to know a little bit more about it, and how to create an account.

RTRO is a new app that has been recently featured in TechCrunch and Yahoo. It is a female-founded social media app that aims to bring back the simple experience of sharing real content and keeping up with friends and family. Retro's mission is to create a more positive environment that supports mental wellbeing by connecting brands, creators, and people.

One of the unique features of this app is that it divides the experience into two parts. On one side, you can keep up with friends and family in RTRO circles, and on the other side, you can switch over to RTRO TV to see content from creators and brands in your own space, without negativity and addictive algorithms.

If you are interested in checking out RTRO, it is currently available on the App Store. The app has a cool Gen Z design that is trendy and user-friendly. To create an account, you simply need to enter your phone number and sign in.

Overall, RTRO seems to be an exciting new app that offers a refreshing approach to social media. With its focus on positivity, mental wellbeing, and real content, it is definitely worth checking out for those who are tired of the toxicity that can often be found on other social media platforms.

If you are looking for a change and want to try out RTRO, why not create an account today and see what it has to offer?

Here's a quick summary on how to create an account on RTRO app:

  1. Download RTRO app from the App Store.
  2. Install it and open the app.
  3. Enter your phone number.
  4. Sign in.

That's it! You're now ready to explore RTRO's features.

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