hello everyone welcome to my youtube channel so i'm just doing this quick overview through my camera but anyways uh let's just have a quick dive of the rumble app rumble app is really becoming viral and just pushing about this weight uh who would knew like a few years ago that i think rumble has become one one of the top apps and really like one of the major players in social media catching up with maybe not instagram but and maybe not tick tock but it's getting there for sure and it found this its niche and recently there was just a major update rumble app so i guess we just need to have a new overview what a rumble app is all about and why a lot of people enjoy it so as you can see 194 000 ratings and 4.8 out of five average rating so that's insane and you can see that it's in the top charts constantly in the photo nvidia category also in the other categories in the app store um so yeah it recently just had a major update um like what overall this app is about someone would say what why do i need to use rumble app if i have instagram reels or if i have tick tock while so rumble app just found the niche uh community basically these are people with more conservative views like uh supporters of republican party or like just right meanwhile voters uh because there was um a series of events uh i won't go in politics so much but for me it's just interesting from the technology side but like all the major social media apps like twitter facebook uh they are probably considered to be more like left winning apps and there was like you know a bit of a whole like for users who want to be more on the right side and they didn't feel that they have all the freedom they can have on twitter or something and they they just can't find the right community for them on twitter or facebook or instagram or anything so therefore there were a bunch of new apps such as parlor gather rumble and bunch of other apps where you can see all these influencers on the right side uh and rumble app is basically like a right side tick tock so it's it's more like a video app for example getter or parlor these are more like twitter and this rumble app is more like a video app and here you can just enjoy videos from the many creators and now more and more influencers are joining to catch audience um so yep let's just open the app and recently uh rumble even offered like 100 million dollars uh to get joe rogan on on this app who would knew that like yeah rumble can now actually compete with spotify which is massive company and also you can see like brands like russell russell brand and more and more influencers here but overall as i understand you will mostly see like uh mostly like conservative right-wing content here so if this is among your interests maybe you should create an account so anyways this is how the app looks like um [Music] this is an overview um yeah you can just basically see these videos there are all types of contents here there is like like and dislike button and then you can just see uh you can see different accounts here you can follow follow an account you can you know block report cancel you can see number of followers there's like pretty big amount of followers uh can be here so it says that there is a big huge audience actually here um you can see number of use number of comments um [Music] all of that um just different types of videos uh different types of content but yeah mostly this app is just uh just like a kind of youtube or tick tock and then you can also set notifications follow and follow yeah about an account to create an account yeah you can just sign off his apple id google id or facebook or just your email and it's super easy to do then here you just have like a rumble kind of like uh different accounts which you can follow um which kind of looks like a tinder um then yeah you can just follow that account or share this viral video you can invite friends um and basically rumble it means that you like this video or maybe you just re-share it or something yeah i don't know that much but anyways then you just have your profile here you can just add all these details and of course the cool part about this app is that you can add your payment details you can create content and you can earn revenue and then you can also cash out so it's kind of also a marketplace for creators so that's that's kind of cool so it seemed much more similar to youtube than tick tock you can as a creator you can earn revenue here and then you can also subscribe to the different accounts you can see channel subscriptions you can see all the settings you can see referrals and then uh you can see the referral url so by the way feel free to use my referral url and then i have five referrals but i have so far zero dollar commissions um yeah because nobody actually like paid and subscribed for anything and then i can just see my earnings i can see number of uploaded videos i can see approved videos cost per mile cpam so how much you are paid for like thousand views estimate earnings and then you can also just cash out the minimum amount to cash out is 50 dollars in case you want to try it out so yep and then you can just you know sign out and all of that so uh then if you want to do some other stuff uh you need to go to website because there are some additional features um and then yeah here you can see just more account overview you can see in other details your earnings your content licensed videos and then you can just live stream on rumble as well uh and here on the left you can see my feed subscriptions then you can just tap help and then yeah for example as well if you want to delete your account or delete video for example every time you can just reach out to support um that's how you do it if you need some support or some help or something so is also available yes on the website you can go through desktop browser or your mobile browser and it just has a bit more features compared to the normal mobile app which you can just basically use to to watch content then if you want to create content obviously you can just tap on this button to record videos then you can just tap record or you can just upload a video so that's that's basically the idea of the app it's available in a lot around the world i guess maybe excluding a few countries but i don't know all the details so you can just add your country and then you can just add your paypal details here um but other than that i think that's basically the app here you can just see all kinds of content and all of that so yeah if you're interested in these types of communities you can definitely check out rumble app i think it's one of the top apps in this niche right now and it's growing and it's interesting approach that like you know because like facebook and twitter can't go in this niche right now but probably rumble it can be uh yeah a major player on the more conservative side so thank you again for watching the video uh thank you for checking out my youtube channel check out also my podcast i have a podcast on spotify and i have blog mr hectorio where i explain and give description to interesting apps and software and thank you again for watching please subscribe and like this video

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