SAD FACE/UNHAPPY FACE filter on TikTok - overview

hello so crying filter is going viral on snapchat let's discover what can be an alternative antique talk is there a crying crying face filter on tick tock so if i just open a tick tock app and then i just tap plus and i want to add some effects and then i'm just trying to search here and then it just takes some time for effects to load because there are like so many of them uh so you can see trending here there are some trending effects like this one specifically just tick tock push this one so this is unhappy filter which you can use on tick tock so yeah that's uh that's the closest alternative what you can get for the snapchat filter and yes this is this is how it looks like it's actually pretty emotionally intense and you can see a lot of people with this filter all over social media right now is like very trendy uh um so yeah and then here you can record photo and video of his date so yeah the filter is not called crying face or crying is called unhappy so yeah i can just go to effects and uh this is how it looks like unhappy or you can just search for unhappy and there are two two of them there is also this another one but yeah i recommend you to use this one

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