SailFlow app - how to use?

hello so here is interesting app called sail flow uh windy conditions and forecasts uh sailflow is your number one most trusted sailing weather source so it's interesting app so you can report windy conditions uh live wind free weather stations pro weather stations free forecasts plus forecasts pro forecast the wind list is the ultimate quick load pin reference tool telling you the top ranked weather stations in the area for any search you do anywhere in the world so yeah that's the app you can open it up uh you can allow notifications obviously if you want and then you can just go to some popular locations some popular searches depending where you're sailing and then yeah you can just see some areas where you're sailing i guess and then you can see green graph you can see all of these models in archives type of wind percent of 20 days per month in direction distribution so that's basically how it works so then you can just search for some location uh yeah and that's basically the app idea um so then you can go to your profile uh you can go to wind map so yeah this is kind of like a or interesting app especially if you like sailing yeah you need to have it so here you can see all the locations where people are sailing for example here you can see current conditions and forecast uh yeah so if you have a board that's what you do basically you just sell there you can see weather models pro forecast and that's basically the idea tides nearby on site reports fiend archives you can see summary you can see windy days per month station info forecast graph and you can see all these styles yeah so that's basically the idea of it uh yeah so something around it um that's the app i never heard about it but yeah if you like sailing that's that you can try out and include all these additional customizations so this was just like a preview for you to know that there is this app and it's free as you can see i didn't upgrade i didn't do anything so that's all available for you to use hope that is helpful

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