SALT Christian Dating app - full overview & how to use

in this video overview we're gonna go through Salt Christian dating app um yeah so there are many apps out there but sometimes people just want to um you know to have some Niche dating app where they know they can be more successful with finding the right person so yeah this is like the salt dating app uh which you can discover um it's especially it's focused on Christians so if you are relating yourself to that definitely give a try to this app so yeah you create an account I need to say it's pretty long to create an account similar to like Bumble or some other this app so you need to answer a lot of a lot of questions there and he and also about the religion and all of that because this is like Christian dating app um so yeah and then you just see different profiles there is no swipe left swipe right you can swipe down to see additional photos and additional profiles if you don't like the person you just tap arrow in the bottom left if you like you can send some heart uh so yeah uh unfortunately also there aren't that many people in uh uh in the app outside of us or something like that because the app is pretty new I guess it doesn't have that many reviews on the App Store so yeah like if you're using it in Europe or somewhere like you know not Christian or like some other countries without not many Christians it's just not gonna work otherwise you need to extend your preferences and then this is how it looks like so this app is kind of like uh Tinder for Christians and then yeah here is also the message you can say hi to someone for example you can send a message uh interesting successfully and yeah that's basically it yeah unfortunately as you can see it's mainly like you as based so there are even if you include this huge range there aren't that many people in the preferences so here you can just change all these settings in preferences you can set up that your profile is visible you can change your profile to to private mode private mode is premium feature which allows your profile to remain hidden and only shown to people you have first liked interest in spin dating then you can select all these push notifications and select filters you can filter people even in a free version you can detect your location maybe you can also turn off your location so it can just show you more profiles like okay it doesn't work that there aren't that many people here that's the one one concern um then there is also assault premium see who likes you imagine is made easier meet more people intro yourself stand up ten percent interest each day be more visible people have seen private mode so here you can select all the different options like one week for 9.99 one month three months 12 months uh so that's what you can do here then if you want to delete your account you can easily do it here from the account section you can just tap here to delete an account and then you can just hide your profile that you can hide in your profile means that you will just pause your profile and then yeah you can also just completely delete your account so yeah that's basically the idea you can also go through the uh so some tips they have like really extensive like FAQ section which you can just reach through here so yeah here you have all of that you can see here people you have seen uh you can see all the messages you can see who liked you but probably need to be in the in the premium so yeah that's basically the idea uh you can easily change your profile you can replace a car photo and there are a lot of questions that I said when you create in your account so you need to answer all these questions about like interest what you value some prompts some tags some additional photos you can uh you can uh yeah which is create an example account here so you can connect Instagram add more answers add more photos like that the more you add here the better chances for you to use this app successfully uh so that's basically the idea so yeah something around that uh you can also if you type in top right you can highlight your profile and get connected with more potential matches faster your profile will be prioritized about others you can get seen by more people more quickly view every light that you receive during your highlight yeah and that's basically the idea so yeah this is the app uh you can just go and search it like this is how it looks like salt uh it's a it's a free app you don't need to yeah so you can just see that as you can see it's growing in the charts there are many Christian apps uh dating apps uh and this seems like promising app it's currently the charts but yeah it just needs far much more users because yeah if you're in Europe there aren't that many users for this app probably in us there would be more but yeah hopefully their user base will grow

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