SALT CHRISTIAN DATING APP - how to create an account?

here is an interesting app called salt Christian dating app it's in the top charts in the in the App Store so let's just explore it yeah some people are not completely satisfied with like Tinder or Bumble or some this major decking apps because uh yeah you're just interested in specific category of people you know you want to die and that's why there are so many like Niche dating apps and this is one of those and then to create an account you can just do it with Facebook Apple or Google or email so I just usually proceed with Apple ID in these cases so then you need to accept then you can just keep this tab are you so for example then you can of course to send notification but just in this case so yeah there you have it so now you just created an account so that's that's how you proceed and then uh uh so you need still to complete your profile you need to add a cover photo so you need to upload some photo from anyways it's just like okay so something is not working tonight should work so yeah I'm just creating like a test account for you guys just to see how it looks like the voice note you can add about me you can add basic information add interests so yeah something like that you just select your interests choose a menu of five batches so you need to cheers like whatever music at what I value so that's another set of badges uh face answer another okay so as you can see here you see the examples of all these questions uh so you see all these different categories like Memories influencers in a snapshot uh so something like that and yeah so there you have it uh this is just but just an example just for you um so that's basically the idea so yeah and now you can continue to swipe here and to go through so there's different profiles

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