Samourai BITCOIN WALLET - preview

hello everyone so what is samurai bitcoin wallet uh so this bitcoin wallet is trending these days uh modern bitcoin wallet and forged to keep your transactions private your identity mask and your friends secured most advanced privacy enhancing technologies on the market bypass data network restriction piece offline sending role your own offline storage wallet with any spare mobile phone your own swiss bank you are always in control of your private keys no email address no id checks and no hassle just install and go so you there is also nodel dojo high performance black and playful not perfectly tuned to provide strong privacy with samurai built in at the core so you can just stop by now and then uh not all so that's like 849 so you can see all the details here uh then there is dojo as i have hosted full node server that automatically sync with your samurai wallet available today free and open source viewer pool break the link of your bitcoin since our prior history and stop blockchain analysis in their tracks so that's that so you can see here all the features secret guard fitness smart miner fees dodge or stone wall like i think it's really like advanced wallet um it's available in google play and proudly open source software av droid android apk so yeah you can see it here there is a support if you want to ask a few questions about them i i don't use it but like i've heard a lot of good things like i mean it's just trending in the news everywhere so yeah if you're using it would be really nice if you can just um leave you comments below like why do you think this is a good wallet and stuff like that

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