SATURN app - how to create an account?

oh so here is this app which is climbing in social networking charts it is called saturn time together so just tap got to install it the idea of this app is that yes okay let's just use touch id that you can just share your schedule with friends um and this app is quite popular in schools um and yeah so if you're in school you can just share like your schedule you can engage with friends text and all of that um so sync your calendars chat with friends share announcements within your grade check out friends profiles to see what they're doing in real time and all of that so let's try to open up this app then you need to find your school so for example [Music] then you need to actually add your number and verify this snapchat i think yes this app is only working in us so just for the sake of experiment i will show you then you can verify this tags or with the snapchat and then you can set up all these notifications and then you can just add friends and there you have it now you just created uh an account um yeah so that's about that then you can just have your schedule here you can just then share schedule your snapchat so i'm just checking this out and then just share it on your snapchat this yeah notify your friends and then start your account so yeah something like that um that's tab that's how you create an account i will create a full video overview how to use this app in another video                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

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