Saturn app was available on Google Play Store before - it was removed… Not available on Android now

If you're looking for the Saturn app on Android, unfortunately, it is not available on the Google Play Store. While there are some similar apps available, they are not the original one. So why is that? Well, the app is actually available on iOS, and if you visit their website, you will only find a link to the iOS version.

It seems that Saturn app was previously available on the Google Play Store but was later removed. The reason behind its removal is believed to be related to privacy concerns, particularly from parents. It appears that this app may not be as safe, especially for kids. How so? It seems that anyone can easily sign up for the app and pretend to be a student in a particular school or class, without any additional verification. Even without a school email address, some people have been able to join classes and access schedules of other users.

This raises serious privacy concerns, especially for parents who discover their children using this app. It's clear that the app is not completely secure in terms of privacy. Perhaps this is why it was removed from the Google Play Store.

However, it's uncertain whether the developers plan on reintroducing the app on Android in the future. There is no timeline provided for such a release. Despite its privacy issues, the app has gained immense popularity this year, particularly among high school students. It has managed to climb up the top charts.

We can only hope that the developers take this opportunity to address the privacy concerns and implement additional security measures. One suggestion could be to restrict access to the app, allowing only users with a specific school email address to sign up. While this may complicate the sign-up process, it would undoubtedly enhance the overall security and privacy of the app.

In conclusion, the Saturn app is no longer available on Android, and its removal from the Google Play Store might be due to privacy concerns. It remains to be seen whether the developers will make the necessary changes to reintroduce the app on Android or if they are planning alternative measures to ensure a safer user experience.

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