SATURN school schedule app - how to use? Full overview

hey everyone so here is a turn app which is in top charts right now in us app store it's a really nice app to have if you are studying a school and you can just engage with your friends in school if you have friends there and the main idea is that you can just have your school schedule and you can share it with your friends so for example here i have my classes like biology i can add another class like that i don't know if it's like possible to enter it from somewhere so you can just enter some periods of block and yeah something like that um when you create your account you just attach it to a specific school so this app is really uh it's not like uh available for everyone it's only available and useful for you if it's available in your school so that's a minus but if it's in your school it can be pretty fun so definitely check it out try to create a free account and see if it works and then you can just when you created your schedule you can just tap share schedule on snapchat and then this is what will happen you will see something like do you have a class together and then just tap link and just create a story and people will see [Music] like yeah maybe you have classes together and maybe we can hang out or maybe you have some breaks together or something like that so that's interesting uh then you can always connect your contacts uh from your iphone you can always invite other people just again share on snapchat or copy a link and share it on messengers or elsewhere and then when you create an account using this app so here you'll have like i created an account in school talmud torah imrae chime so that's name of the school just an example uh when i create that i can see the students who i can add a request as friends so i can do that and yeah and then i can start messaging them i can see bulletin i can see posts so it's kind of like a social network inside of your school so it's pretty cool i can see all the birthdays [Music] so that's pretty nice that's my profile i can edit my profile uh i can edit classes i can see my friends and important thing that to access messaging and posts you need to get verifies to get verified you need to sign in with your school email either of your google or microsoft so yeah that that makes this app safer and more legit and less spammy so if you don't have that school email i don't think it will be possible to use messaging and all this post in the saturn app then you can connect your bitmoji avatar to your profile picture you can add all use this profile social media profiles you can also refer friends you can contact support sign out and all of that so that's the app really interesting idea i think are you using it just leave your thoughts in the comments below like this video just interesting to know like are you really using it or enjoying it what other issues you want to know about this app yeah just try to leave it in the comments below i'll try to answer that thanks for watching                                                                                                                                                                                                

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