here is this viral Saturn apps that turn time together is one of the top apps to use in school in college um and yeah it's it's really going viral as you can see it's in top charts in social networking uh just when the school year started when schools and colleges reopened this is a great app if it's available in your school it's this app I think it's mostly available in U.S colleges but anyhow so Saturn helps you manage your time so you can spend it doing things you love is the people who matter most see what friends are doing in real time chat with them organize the ones share our schedules all in my place first calendar built around your classes clubs teams and friends schedules create and discover events in your community manage your club meetings share schedules with your friends to see what they are in real time chat with friends teammates and groups so our high school experience is only supported for 9 12 grade students right now we are working on creating new experience for non-high school users check back soon so yeah in a nutshell the idea of the app is that when you're a high school student you just can import your school schedule and then you can have all your friends classmates in this app you can see what their schedule is you can create your own events meetups clubs and all of that and then you can just you know synchronize it sync it see what's working what's not and see what your friends are up to so they have these classes you have other classes and uh then you can just hang out together and uh you can chat uh you can see okay this person this front is going to this class or I can invite him or her to this event I can hang out it's like a Facebook or like Instagram for like high school students uh integrated with your school classes so then just tap open here you have your home screen um and then you just need to create an account and ideally you need to verify your email address so you need to sign in with your school email address uh so to launch the turn at your school just press and schedule and send your school's bell schedule to get on the right list so Saturn keeps track of your school schedules comparative schedule is fine to see who is in the classes and who is free so that's basically that so you can just uh uh also you can try your own events but that's that so basically send schedule uh uh so try to include that and then uh just depending if already someone sent it or not as I understand it and then you can just send it and then you can just search uh for this app and as you can see like this school is uh is new on Saturn and then you can see some other friends in this app you can send them a friend request like this you can DM but again you need to verify with your with your proper school email then you can see all their classes you can see their friends you can block a report you can see all their like social media Instagram Tick Tock Snapchat so basically all our classmates is like a social network for for your high school peers then you have all the events uh which are around your high school and all of that you can host your first attorney land um so here you also have that then you have your own profile uh you can change you can add profile picture take photo connect bitmoji just then add some personal info uh or what do you think then here you can just in settings if you type in top right you can change app icon um you can connect support or you can also delete an account if you're sensitive about your personal data and all of that also if you want to create your own account uh you can just write this for example we have some soccer game which will happen here it can happen all day or it can happen uh yeah these locations and then you can invite people here your classmates and there you have it you just created your own School event which is pretty cool then yeah you can invite your own people add to calendar and then regarding this event you can just open the group chat and communicate with other classmates around it so it can be some sports events I'm just hanging out anything and yeah and this is like my account um so yeah something like it uh and then that's basically it so that's the way you can get in more popularity in your school hang out with students um have more fun and your high school life can be much more brighter and more structured and more organized with this app as I understand it's also good to yeah just just have group chats with your classmates but again you need to get verified so to get verified you need to use your school email so just sign in with Google or sign in with Microsoft and then here it just depends so you yeah if you don't have school email unfortunately it's not possible so you definitely need to have that otherwise obviously app will just become non-useful if everyone from other schools can sign up into your school and just mess around doesn't make a lot of sense so that's that and then you can reach out to help in the top right you can contact support uh here so you can just write in their support so that's great or you can just sign out from here so it just depends like this app is slowly rolling out to more and more schools so just interesting to see uh yeah how it evolves then there are also tasks uh you can also do add some tasks um add some pictures that create and this is your personal task in the school like you know if if uh like you know it can be quite stressful so it's it's good to have also these apps as kind of like to-do list and like task organizer and all of that also when I was creating an account it's asking you two options either you graduated high school or you're just still studying so depending on these choices you can select uh uh what you're gonna do and then these apps have different overviews if you have graduated high school uh this app will already show you that uh by it will show you some different layout um so that's that um and then that's the idea we can also check out some uh reviews and ratings you can see some Saturn is fantastic on top of everything so Cooperative as well as a schedule some point and the apps feature is really helpful and put your classes and tissue and so turn off the metal notice your class times it will even tell how much time you have left for this class that you're currently in the percentage of class you already gone through and the percentage of the dial gone through uh yeah so it's really helpful to manage your like you know school day and you can see that this reviews were like a year ago adding a little extra there are still few bucks uh there are still a few bugs with displaying schedules uh like still writing chat is okay incredible easy to use app waitlist bus planner app for school and all of that so definitely give it a try especially if you're in high school um and yeah hope you enjoyed this quick overview

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