SayHi Chat - app overview & how to use

hello everyone so here is this app which is called say hi chat um so yes this app is recently just entering like a top hunt like 300 social media apps on on the app store so just interesting to know like what this app is about so say hi chat meet new people uh this app can help you to find new people not be nearby you are going to fall in love with say hi chat by the following features find out people nearby you can do video chat with them you can interact with them by sending chat text messages voice messages like account talk some pictures um yeah just interact with people so basically say hi it's kind of like meet me okay cupid just uh puff and scout tinder and so much more so this is one of the apps which you know if you if you can't find any any luck on like these mentioned apps you can just try out uh this app and there are these uh subscription services monthly plans like uh 11.99 3 months and 12 months 99.99 packages super vip and all of that so yeah let's just open the app so for example here is some profile uh then you can just tap start chat to start chatting uh if you see something scammy happening you can always report you can block user um you can see all the like you know biography details uh all of that and then you can just tap in the bottom left to start chat then there are different chats here so there are different messages and then you can just explore it so you have domino you have random video chat chat rooms uh some you know other like games for example you can play trivia online or you can play like random voice chat rank list who checked me out uh message board like safety tips all of that uh then there are some like different themes which you can add also i don't know what this is maybe some other customizations and then there are like messages which you can message from here you can also add user by id you can also add group id so for example if you want to search for someone i don't know i'll just be searching and that's the profile so then you can just add that profile as a friend and then there is your profile so you can just go add it here you can see your id uh you can add uh okay then you can also verify avatar you can see your name your points some privacy settings basically you can also just hide your location there are some settings um like your cd all of these if you feel ill all out you will just have higher chances on this app and then there are settings [Music] there is like that and then basically if you want to delete your account you can just go to account part and then just tap delete account here in the bottom so something like that um that's the idea uh um yup so there you have it yeah also if you want to clean cash you can just clean it out because you know in this video chatting apps if you're chatting a lot and it can consume a lot of storage and your cash can really be like hundreds of megabytes and if you have an older phone it can really consume a lot of storage so just import it into clearer cache um if you want to clear chat history you can also just do it here so there are really a lot of features it's just like yeah you can also change app icons change like unit lengths reach out to support feedback anything you like so it's like pretty developed stuff here then there are your videos store you can see who checked you out and then of course you can just upgrade if you just tap become vip uh one month vip it's 19.99 per month ap on 199.899 so something like that so yeah that's the idea if you want to upgrade here yeah so something like that i hope it is helpful um thank you for watching definitely give a try to this app there are a bunch of video messaging apps always and to be honest some of them are pretty scammy so there is a lot of spam in this app but people just like you know sometimes random video chat but apps like omega or monkeys are just pretty scammy actually and yeah so just be careful when using these apps and you know trying them out some of their profiles can be bots and stuff like that so yeah just um yeah just be careful other than that uh thank you for watching uh check out my youtube channel subscribe leave some cool comments below if you enjoyed this app if or if this app helped you out to find someone interesting and then yeah thank you for watching

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